Glitter Pink Cute Bow Tie Ribbon has been rebranded to BREAKING NEWS!

hello and welcome to sweet ribbon ^_^

hii and welcome to my own personal website sweet ribbon

this is a website where i showcase the things i like (which are

many things..)

why was sweet ribbon made?

one the reasons why sweet ribbon was made

was to learn coding.I always want to learn a coding language

but i never attempted to untill i found out about neocities

i was inspired to make a website after seeing all theses websites

on neocities.I had many failed websites.but,

all theses failed websites taught me something new

everytime.I eventually knew enough html and css to

make a website out of scratch and thats when sweet ribbon

was created.This website was inspired by nya

  • 27/12/2023: sites name has been changed

  • 27/12/2023: new site layout

to do list

finish my home page

do my about me page

do my sitemap

add a blog

add resources

do my website archive page

try expand my homepage

sweetribbon 2023-2024 made with love ♥

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